Who Is The Real FouseyTube? Just Pranks Or Hidden Agenda

Fouseytube currently has over 2 million subscribers to his own YouTube channel, and over 15 million individuals have already watched his Yoga Pants Prank known as his most-popular video to date. His Facebook page states that his name is Yousef Saleh Erakat during the day and he becomes Fouseytube by night. This is really fitting according to the BBC as this gregarious and super-confident man that is seen on the Fouseytube prank videos is actually very awkward and shy as soon as the cameras stop.

“life is but a dream” the tagline for Yousef Saleh Erakat’s Twitter

In interviews he states that no person can act or walk around like he portrays himself 24 hours a day. He goes on to say that nobody really knows about his real personality when he is by himself.

Yousef Saleh Erakat is 24 years old and was raised in California, he is the youngest out of 4 children and belongs to a Palestinian-American family. When he is “off-stage” he is regarded as the shyest out of all his siblings and there is a vast difference between his private life and his acting persona. This usually comes as a great surprise to any of his followers that enjoy watching the YouTube channel Fouseytube that was first created on the 25 of March 2011.

His YouTube channel portrays a “larger than life” character that plays a host of pranks on various people. Some of the pranks are funny and really silly such as a prank that involves making strangers believe that he has dropped their phones after he has used it.

Yousef indicated very early signs that he was going to become an entertainer and was well known for making various home videos. His sister Noura who is an activist and Human Rights lawyer encouraged her brother to pursue a career in acting. He went on to study at the SJSU (San Jose State University). David Kahn who is chair of theatre, film, radio and television studies at this university says that Yousef is a personable and extremely focused young man as well as been a very funny observer when it comes to the Muslim American life.

Even though he has been described as a hilarious entertainer, he focuses on creating videos that contain underlying moral messages. He has always been known to root for the underdog and the message is always bigger. Now he has many followers that he enjoys portraying these important moral messages to.

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